Ever wondered what the real reasons are thought leaders often fail before they even start? Find them out here, plus 3 tips to avoid making those mistakes

3 Reasons Thought Leaders Fail – Even Before They Start

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Ever wondered what the reasons are thought leaders often fail before they even start?

Ever wondered what the real reasons are thought leaders often fail before they even start? Find them out here, plus 3 tips to avoid making those mistakes

Do you dream of creating a big, positive change? You see other´s going after their dreams, but you are stuck in a job or business which doesn´t fulfil you. And all this because you listened to those telling you that dreams don´t pay the bills. Or maybe you talked about your big idea and people simply told you to come back to Earth.

You are not alone in this. Many thought leaders, just like you, are either failing before starting or have tried, but did not get anywhere.

This is not because of your dream being bad or too outlandish. Most of the time it´s either outside influence or not being totally clear on what you want.

After reading this post you will be much clearer on what pitfalls to avoid and what you need to do to make your dream become reality.

So, what are the reasons most thought leaders fail?

1) They are not starting because of other people telling them that it won´t work

There is this thought running through your head of creating a positive change in the world, but at the same time you hear the voices of people close to you telling you: Dreams don´t pay the bills! Come back to Earth! Who do you think you are to change XYZ (put in your dream)? One person alone cannot change anything…

To quieten these voices you need to get 100% clear on your big vision

Once you are 100% clear, it will be much easier to see past those voices and go after this dream to make it become a reality. You will find a lot of arguments against everything those people have said to you.

With clarity also comes a certain portion of stubbornness which will help you to achieve what you´ve set out to. If you look at athletes who train hard every day, they can do it because they have the big goal of winning a medal. For you having a clear picture will do the same.

Let me give you an example of one of my clients:

Angela came to me just because she was unhappy and did not feel fulfilled. She knew that there was more to life, but couldn´t pinpoint what. Through her not feeling fulfilled, her relationship with her husband started to suffer.

Together we talked through many things to find the reason. It turned out that she is passionate about helping women stay fit and healthy through the menopause.

But once she told me about this dream, she straight away added several things why she shouldn´t or couldn´t help other women stay fit and healthy. Plus, I don´t know how.

So, I started to talk with her about how it would be and look like if she actually could help them. Once Angela had a very clear picture of what she wanted to achieve, the how was no obstacle anymore. Neither were any of the other “but´s” she mentioned at the beginning.

Angela´s made her dream come alive and, through her feeling finally fulfilled, her relationship with her husband is better than ever.

This is the first hurdle many thought leaders don´t cross, because they know roughly what they want to achieve, but are not 100% clear on their vision.

Now you know the first of the 3 reasons thought leaders fail, let´s get to the second:

2) They see others successfully going after their dream, but think they cannot do it

Every time you watch a thought leader on social media or on stage inspiring many, you wish this could be you. But then you call yourself back to reality. I don´t have his/her charisma! I am too shy. Who would listen to me? He/she is privileged and has got money behind him/her, otherwise it wouldn´t be possible.

To go after your dreams you need confidence!

Confidence is one of the main keys to success. But just being confident is not enough. You need confidence in yourself, your abilities and your big vision.

Confidence in your big vision can come from being 100% clear on what exactly it is. So, for most people step 1 is enough here. The biggest hurdle for most people is having the confidence in their abilities.

Let me give you another example of a client:

When Tim started working with me he was very clear on what he wanted to achieve. But he never managed to get much further than just out of the starting blocks. He was constantly learning and learning, getting one certification after another, but he still did not feel ready.

After he told me about all the certificates he had accumulated and everything he learned about, we started digging and found out the real reason behind it all.

He felt like he didn´t deserve the certificates, was frightened someone would call him a fraud. Learning had always been easy for him and he sailed through all courses and exams. At the same time he did see many working and studying really hard to get the same certificate.

Truth is, both deserved it the same. Both passed the exam, but he felt like it had been too easy and he´d done something wrong.

After realising this and working on his confidence, he now has the successful business he had been dreaming of, helping many clients every day.

This is the second hurdle, thought leaders need to take: become confident in themselves, their abilities and their most daring vision.

Ever wondered what the real reasons are thought leaders often fail before they even start? Find them out here, plus 3 tips to avoid making those mistakes

3) They never start and keep feeling unfulfilled

We all know them: the pub “thought leaders” who change the world just in theory over a drink. And most of the time they need at least a few drinks before they start coming out with all their great or not so great ideas. Then there are those that dream of creating change, but never start, because there is always something else to be done first or it´s not the right time yet.

They often know what they want to change and have the confidence that they could, but they just don´t do it.

The best time to start creating a change was yesterday, the next best is today!

Once you got a clear picture and the confidence you need to start acting and creating your big dream. Waiting for the perfect time you will never start. Imperfect action is better than no action at all.

I´ll give you a last example of one of my clients:

When I met Laura she had a big dream, but she never started making it come alive. She is a very confident, successful woman, but was waiting until she had enough money saved, so she could start building an animal shelter and get the local fishermen on board to take wounded turtles and other sea creatures to her instead of just throwing them back into the sea. Laura had several vets who would be more than open to help her.

I loved her idea and asked her why she is not starting already. It´s not the right time yet, I cannot afford to leave my job was her answer.

Together we worked out a plan on how she can start without having to leave her job, but getting everything organised in her free time and lunch breaks. Within no time she had found several volunteers, sponsors and someone giving her the space she needed. Local builders helped her and her husband on the weekends and even her boss helped organising an event to get it known. It´s still a small organisation, but once she realised that she was already needed and not when she retires in several years, plus had a plan on how to do it while continuing to work, it took her next to know time to get started.

This is the last hurdle thought leaders have to take: get started.

So, are you going to make your big dream come true?

Now you know the reasons why most thought leaders fail and the 3 things you need to do to make your biggest dream come true.

Have a super clear picture of your vision, the confidence in yourself, your abilities, your dream and to get started now, not later.

Sometimes the reasons for why you cannot take any of those hurdles are hidden in your view. Should you feel like you need help book a free Trust & Relax Session with me.

Leave me a comment on your big vision and how you are going to make it come alive below.

Do you know anyone who has a big dream, but struggles to overcome those hurdles? Then share this article with them, so they can go and create their dream.

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me here.

Ever wondered what the real reasons are thought leaders often fail before they even start? Find them out here, plus 3 tips to avoid making those mistakes

Ever wondered what the real reasons are thought leaders often fail before they even start? Find them out here, plus 3 tips to avoid making those mistakes

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