Hey there! I'm Mascha

I help introverted online entrepreneurs discover their innate and unique strengths, so they can confidently take action to grow their business. 

Life and business aren't easy, but you can find a light

Are you a working mom running around trying to juggle it all? Feeling like you are always rushing to get everything done? Stress, rush, stress?

Or are you a stay at home mum trying to juggle it all?

If you said yes to either or all of those questions, then you are in the right place!

In your journey to mindfulness you will experience less stress, more happiness and you will start understanding your needs and the needs of those surrounding you much better.

You will easily learn to understand what is good for you and what not.

Ultimately you will start reducing most toxins from your own and your family’s life, so not only stress and bad habits.

This will lead you to become more aware of your environment and the deeper understanding of having to protect it for the benefit of you and your family. Starting a mindful greener life will come automatically as you will understand the positive impact it will make on your life, health and wellbeing as well as your family's.

Mascha @ My Mindful Universe
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Hi! I am Mascha, a certified life and mindfulness coach, and I will guide you through your journey to a more mindful, happier greener life! I am excited to see you starting and growing


I used to be just like you.

Caught in a hamster wheel constantly rushing, racing and with the feeling of not getting anywhere and important things in my life rushing past me.

Until I started my own journey into a mindful life. Now life is wonderful!

Of course, there are bad days and bad moments, but I can deal with those so much better now. And stress is a word getting less and less used in my vocabulary. 🙂

You probably have noticed me talking about a mindful greener life… I always loved nature and all animals, but until starting my journey into mindfulness I thought it was the big changes needed and that I couldn´t do much more than recycling myself.

My journey took me back to my roots and I realized that green living is about so much more than just the environment. It is about our life and health as well.

By reducing toxins, choosing healthier options and being more conscious about what we do and buy a lot is achieved not only for us, but for the benefit of the planet as well.

I am looking forward to getting to know you more 🙂

And don´t forget: I am always here if you need me!

If you already want to know more about green living, then click here.

Your time is now to shine!

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