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Understanding the different types of stress To be able to ease symptoms of stress or avoid stress, you first need to be able to understand the different types of stress. Read to find out more. #mindfulness #stress #mentalhealth #health #stressmanagement #MyMindfulUniverse

Stress may be one thing everyone experiences. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get help. And it doesn´t mean that stress is stress. Before you can find a good way to relax though, you need to know the source of the stress you are experiencing. There are many different types of stress that can occur …

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5 foods to reduce stress: Learn more about the 5 foods you can eat to help you reduce stress! This post explains you how these foods can help #healthyliving #reducestress #superfoods #mymindfuluniverse

Here I want to introduce you to 5 foods to reduce stress. Why? I think we´ve all been in this situation: Just thinking about all the chores that are building up, the errands you have to run, the looming work deadlines and the social demands on your overbooked calendar can run you ragged. Talk about …

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Relieve Stress With These 5 Simple Habits. Running around trying to juggle it all and feeling stressed? Relieve stress with these 5 simple habits that are easy to implement and fit into your day! Try them out today and you will notice a difference #mindfulness #stressrelieve #happylife #MyMindfulUniverse

Our lives are so busy, sometimes it can feel hard to breathe and no way to relax and relieve stress. We spend our days running around multi-tasking, doing endless errands, cooking and cleaning, working and taking care of our families and the household. Doing all the things all the time without a break in sight …

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Identifying Stress Triggers In order to be able to learn how to deal with stress you first need to learn identifying stress triggers. This post shows you how you can do this. Click to read more #mindfulness #stress #stressrelieve #MyMindfulUniverse #happiness #stresstips

Now that we have learned more about the different types of stress, let´s have a look at identifying stress triggers. Stress is something everyone deals with, though each person usually has a different level of stress. So you are able to stop yours, you need to be able to know what is causing it. This …

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