Once you decide to start meditating, you will need to start creating a meditation room or meditation space. Get some tips on creating it here. Click to read #meditation #meditationtips #mindfulness #MyMindfulUniverse #meditate

Once you have made a conscious choice to meditate, then the next step is to take action. If you have chosen to meditate at home, then you will need a space where the magic will happen. So, start creating your meditation room. We all try to sabotage ourselves and talk ourselves out of things by …

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Find out how meditation improves your relationships. Many people just talk about the health benefits of meditation, but it improves your relationships too! Click to find out #meditation #meditate #mindfulness #relationship #mentalhealth #MyMindfulUniverse #meditationtips

When it comes to meditation, some people are quick to point out its health benefits like lowered blood pressure and decreased anxiety. But meditation doesn’t just affect your physical health. It can also affect the health of your relationships. Here are just a few ways of how meditation improves your relationships if you meditate regularly: …

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This post will explain to you how to make meditation work for you. It is for you, if you are new to meditation or if you have tried before but struggled. #meditation #mindfulness #MyMindfulUniverse #mentalhealth #meditationtips #meditate

This post will explain to you how to make meditation work for you. It is for you, if you are new to meditation or if you can say yes to the following: Have you tried getting into meditation before but you didn’t stick with it? It may have been because you didn’t enjoy the process. …

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3 Common Meditation Struggles For Beginners We are having a look at 3 common meditation struggles and ways to either avoid or deal with those. Reep the benefits of meditation instead of giving up. #meditation #mindfulness #MyMindfulUniverse #mentalhealth #meditationtips #meditate

For most people, meditation at first doesn’t come naturally. Therefore it can be frustrating and makes you wonder if you’re doing something wrong. Maybe you will feel tempted to quit meditating before you experience any benefits. Before you quit, look at these 3 common meditation struggles and try if the solutions below work for you.  …

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What is Meditation? This post explains what meditation is and introduces you to 3 different styles. Learn more about meditation and find your style. Click to read #meditation #mindfulness #spirituality #meditate #MyMindfulUniverse

Meditation is what´s called the practice of reaching a heightened level of awareness. It allows you to  get into tune with your thoughts without being consumed by them. It therefore makes it easier to focus on what truly matters to you and gives you the chance to quiet your mind. Maybe you think of meditation and …

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