Visionaries Unchained

Join a community of people who get you, get monthly trainings on personal development subjects, share your weekly wins and much more. 

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Doors are open until March 15th or until 20 members join

Do you sometimes wish there would be someone who could just get you without trying to smash your dreams? 

  • Do you have a big vision of change you want to happen in the world?
  • Are you looking for a community where you can voice your doubts/fears and get encouragement?
  • Not sure how to deal with those who simply don´t get you?

Then read on 🙂 

Come and join our community today!

Limited, hand-picked spaces available

Come and join the Visionaries Unchained Membership
Visionaries Unchained Community

Visionaries Unchained Membership

Here's what you get as part of this awesome coomunity:

  • Monthly themes on personal development, either trainings, fun challenges/games or both, by either me or guest experts.
  • Weekly "coffee chats" (bring your favourite beverage!) where we celebrate our wins, let the world be, connect and just chat about anything we want to.
  • Private Facebook Group as a safe space to engage, ask for advise on any topic, get encouragement and much more.
  • A growing library of helpful personal development resources.
  • Need someone to just listen? Or need encouragement on something you don´t want to share in the group? Send me a Voxer messsage (text, voice or video).

Imagine how much better you will feel being part of this community. Nothing will be able to stop you!

You´ll have a community that gets you, encourages you, has your back and frees youto have the chance to grow personally.

Due to the intimate nature of this membership you cannot simply sign up. Instead, have a chat with me and see if we are a good match 🙂

Several payment options are available. Just ask me on our chat or send me a message on social media if you want more info.

Apply for your spot today!

Limited, hand-picked spaces available

What my clients have to say:


I found out about My Mindful Universe via Facebook.  The reason why I was searching for this type of thing was that I needed help. I had stopped smoking after 37 years and I was like a she devil.  I was having arguments in my head and those weren´t just for a few minutes, they went on for days.  

Me and my husband were having major fall outs and I was feeling in a very dark place. Normally I am a very positive person, but I was becoming very negative and not wanting to go out.  So I came across My Mindful Universe and I ended up signing up for the 24 week course.  

After having just two coaching sessions and the ongoing support I feel like a completely different person. It's like the darkness has been lifted and everything seems so much brighter...

I would totally recommend this! Life is about enjoying it and if you don't get the help to make your life more enjoyable you will never get that time back. 

In case you wonder who I am:

I am Mascha & I help passionate visionaries gain confidence in their abilities, themselves and their most daring, wildest dream by unchaining them from what´s holding them back, so that they can shine and bring this vision to life.

Being a big idealist in this world can be hard. You see so many things that are wrong or at least could be better. At the same time everyone around you tells you to stop dreaming and to come back to reality. Idealism and visions don't pay the bills....

Well, let me tell you something: they can!

I would love to change the world, but I know that I cannot do it all by myself. And I discovered that my passion is helping others to start to change the world for the better.

Together we can make a huge difference!

All it needs is for you to start and to find someone who believes in you and encourages you instead of putting you down.

Apart from having certifications as a life and mindfulness coach I have the superpower of seeing the potential people have deep in them they sometimes don't even know themselves. Not only do I sense people's emotions even if they're trying to hide them, but I also see some things that stop them from moving forward.

If you need a warm, positive and great listener, someone in your corner and who gets you we should have a chat 🙂

Apply for your spot today!

Doors are open until March 15th or until 20 members join

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